Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 before 30 - Month One Recap

I will try to post these on the 24th of each month going forward.  I realized I have several monthly 30 for 30 tasks to be accomplished so I thought a monthly post would be a great way to keep track of my progress.  Check out the list to see a couple of items that have already been marked off!  YAY me :)

write letter to family or friend

I picked my cousin, Tricia, this month.  She just sent her only daughter off to college a week or so ago.  I know how tough that was for my parents...and they still had my two brothers back at home!  She's also a fellow traveler and not only one of my favorite relatives, but also people.  Definitely looking forward to the next time we can get together!

3 monthly goals 

1) Eat Breakfast.  Sounds simple, but for non-morning people like me, it can be a challenge.  Plus, how does milk spoil so quickly when you get such a small portion in the first place? It's a tragedy the amount of milk I end up pouring down the drain.  Overall, I did pretty good on this one, but I need to try to continue to do better. 

2) Get caught up on daily devotions.  Check!  I have a daily devotion book by Tony Dungy that I love, but I fell a bit behind in July with all the work travel so I wanted to get caught up and back on track.  So far, so good. 

3) Clean out at least two dresser drawers.  Done and Done.  I actually cleaned out all four and then some :)

facetimes with Brinley

Got both of these in.  One on her 3 month birthday and one when she was getting ready for bed a week or so ago. So fun. Love getting to see that little beauty :)

Date Night 

Well, I made dinner for us more than normal over the past month.  I'll have to count that since we were saving all our fun date nights for our vacation!  I'll be sure to post all about the fun we had in Providence as soon as possible!

Girls' Night

So, we established we are bringing back girls' night at our girls' brunch at Hundred Acres last week.  However, we haven't set a recurring date and reminder yet.  Gotta follow up on that!  Brunch was not only fun, but we also had such yummy food!!

I marked 2 items off the list!!

11 - sort through clothes/shoes and make donation

Lots to Donate!!  Felt great :)
29 - join Instagram*
  *my username is alhadventures, but I haven't taken a picture yet....maybe later today!

I have begun to realize what a long list I have to cover.  Check back each month for an update on the status!!

Andrea :)

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