Thursday, September 27, 2018

Date Nights - September 2018

With September being the final month before the birth of our baby, I was feeling quite large. I still wanted to take part in all the fall fun so I planned an apple picking trip. Chris preferred to enjoy a quiet game night at home before the chaos of having a newborn became a reality.

This year, we decided to try Lynd Fruit Farm for apple picking. They also have pumpkin patches and a large country store there. We didn't spend a lot of time picking apples because we only wanted to get what we knew we'd be able to use in the next couple of weeks. We gave the pumpkin patch a shot, but it had already been really picked over so we decided to just find some pumpkins at the store. We enjoyed some hot cider and cider donuts while we looked around the store. We discovered the deliciousness of pumpkin bars as we looked around for tasty treats to take home with us. We brought back one big pumpkin for our front porch and two little ones that I planned to paint and use as a way to reveal the gender of our baby at the hospital. I was persistent that we try the corn maze before we left. Oh, boy! It was quite an adventure in there. I am surprised I didn't give birth halfway through it. Definitely not the smartest choice to do ALL that walking, but I refused to give up before we completed it. Chris had no option - he was forced to go along with his stubborn pregnant wife on this one! We had a lot of fun. I can't wait to take our little one next year!

Game night proved to be a huge hit! We had a blast. I literally peed my pants laughing so hard at one point. Not a super difficult feat for a nearly nine month pregnant lady, but playing the Ellen DeGeneres Heads Up game was THE best decision of the night. We had SO much fun...and it didn't cost a penny! Don't you just love nights like that?

What is your favorite date night in activity?

Andrea :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Photo A Day - September 2017

We spent most of September getting acquainted with our new city. We did take a trip to Lexington for some fun with my family and a trip to Albany for a wedding. I also started my new job at the YMCA.

We had some quick fixes in the bedroom and stairwell at our new place. I got started on the Fall Film Challenge, enjoyed the geese on a nice fall day, and interviewed at the YMCA. Our first big event in Lexington was a tour of the Ale 8 Factory - lots of fun!

We caught our niece and nephew's soccer match, played games, and visited Old Kentucky Chocolates before heading back to Columbus. We volunteered at a Pints and Periods event through United Way and then started our trek to Albany. We caught the Canelo-GGG fight with some friends while we were there as well.

When we got back to Columbus, I did a little more organizing, we tried some new restaurants, went apple picking, and ran our first race in the city. Well, sort of. We were supposed to run the Scioto River Run 10k, but they cancelled it the day before due to city zoning issues. We still ran the miles to earn our medals on the Olentangy Trail that morning.

I was in the fall spirit - baking apple pie and getting a mum for our front porch. I celebrated Dad's birthday with a tasty treat, and we gave burger week a shot.

Andrea :)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Date Nights - September 2017

September was a fun month for us as we adjusted to our new city. We were both continuing to job search so we had a lot of time to check out different areas around town. We also took two big trips - one back to the Albany area of NY for a wedding and the other for some fun in Lexington.

I selected apple picking as my date night. We ended up at CherryHawk Farm a bit outside of Columbus. It was a scorcher of a day with the sun just beating down, but we had fun using the poles to pick apples from the tip top of the trees. We had a fun day, but will be sure to check the weather for an unseasonably hot days in future years!

Chris picked a local sporting event - Columbus Crew vs New York Red Bulls. We ended up with seats behind one of the goals in a family friendly area of the stadium. It was a fun experience. I like the stadium in Columbus much more than Red Bull Arena in New Jersey. It  just seems less intimate to me. Watching soccer live is always more fun than watching it on TV so I am glad we were able to catch a game - especially when Chris' team was in town.

What are some of your favorite fall activities?

Andrea :)