Monday, August 27, 2018

Date Nights - August 2018

In August, we did a good deal of traveling as we spent time in both Kentucky and New York for baby showers. When we weren't traveling, we were attempting to organize baby gifts and set up the nursery for our little one. We still found time for a couple of fun date nights though.

While we were in New York, we managed to catch my former improv teachers in a show. We also made time for a true NYC dinner - chicken and rice from the Halal Guys. I used to live just a couple blocks away from their midtown Manhattan carts so it was a super tasty inexpensive dinner that we enjoyed regularly. It was a lot of fun to enjoy a couple of our favorite things about the city while we were visiting!

For my date night, I suggested COSI After Dark. COSI is a science and industry museum that has fun things for both children and adults. On these COSI After Dark evenings, no children are allowed. There is often a theme and it is a really neat way to spend the evening. We hadn't ever been free for one until now. We had a blast running around and playing at all the stations. Definitely recommend taking part in one of these in you live in the Columbus area. It is an entirely different experience when there aren't hundreds of kids running around in there!

What types of museums do you enjoy visiting?

Andrea :)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Date Nights - August 2017

We split time between Ohio and New York in August as well. We officially moved into our new place in mid-August, but decided to drive back to New York and spend one last week before we packed up our brand new Toyota Rav 4 with the very last of our things and officially said see you later to the Big Apple.

Chris wanted to check out the Columbus Food Truck Festival while we were in town. It was really nice to walk around and see some of the area closer to downtown while trying treat after treat. It was lots of fun especially when the alternative was unpacking boxes!

Back in NYC, we finally completed the Cupcake Crawl that had been one of our wedding gifts from my super fun bridal shower. Chris doesn't have the same affinity for cupcakes as I do, but he was a real trooper trying them and grading them with me as we trekked all over the city. Our day had an added bonus when we saw Chris Rock strolling the streets of the Upper West Side just after we left our first cupcake shop, Magnolia. What are the odds?  It's hard for me to find a cupcake place that I don't love, but my favorite of this bunch was the strawberry cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake.

What is your favorite treat to enjoy with your sweetie?

Andrea :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Photo A Day - August 2017

August was a busy month for us. We packed up and made our big move to Columbus. Then, we bought a new car and drove back to NYC for one last week of fun before returning to Columbus with the last bit of our stuff and beginning our life as Ohioans.

Our friend from church was playing in the orchestra for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so we were able to go on stage and tour the set after the show - such a neat experience! I visited the New York Historical Society and we checked out the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. We spotted Chris Rock walking the streets of Manhattan before I ventured out to Columbus for an interview with OSU.

Upon my return from the interview, we spent some time catching up with my former boss via the Metro North. Between packing up the final bits of the apartment and loading it into the moving truck, we visited with the Denings and their brand new little one, Rebecca. We drove to Columbus and unloaded into our much more spacious townhouse.

We bought our new Toyota Rav4 and started unpacking before we returned to NYC for a week of improv fun, running, and saying our "see you laters".

I had my Magnet Theater Level 3 class show, we ran the Harlem 5k, and then said peace out to Long Island City. I had a networking meeting at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse and we had a fun night at the Columbus Clippers game when we returned to Columbus.

Andrea :)