Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flat Stanley discovers NYC

I got plenty of crazy looks as I took great care in positioning and posing Flat Stanley throughout NYC.  Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun taking him to experience some of my favorite things in NYC - cupcakes and pizza!!  And showing him the not-so-lovely parts - snow and the subway!!  Check out all the fun we had during his week in the Big Apple!

Have you ever been sent a Flat Stanley?  

Andrea :)


  1. That is so cute! I've never heard of Flat Stanley before, but I like how he travels, hehe. Mmm pizza and cupcakes :-D

  2. I want to be sent a Flat Stanley so bad! This looks so fun! I keep hoping my niece and nephews will send me one at some point! :)

  3. Ha, that's so cute! I've heard of Flat Stanley, and other "flats" that are more personal. A group of my friends made a "Flat Meghann" that traveled the country visiting us all in different locations, then went back to her. It was fun! (Side note, Meghann is an adult - we were just doing it to be goofy!)