Monday, August 15, 2016

Our July Date Nights

And just like that it is the middle of August!  I've been a bit preoccupied, but I did want to share our July date nights with you before any more time slips away from me. We shared lots of laughs during a comedy night at Caroline's and enjoyed a high energy history lesson during Shuffle Along.

Chris discovered the Asperger's Are Us comedy troupe through a friend that knows one of the members.  All four members of the group have Asperger's Syndrome. Their style of comedy is unique and went over my head a few times, but Chris and I certainly enjoyed the show.  It was fantastic to see these individuals doing exactly what they love successfully!  The group is touring the US currently and even had a documentary film about them released at Austin's SXSW Film Festival in March - definitely worth checking them out!

Shuffle Along was my date night pick this month. Actually, it became a bit of a group date when the alumni coordinator at my alma mater reached out to NYC area alumni to get a group together to go see this star studded show since one of our own - JC Montgomery - was part of the cast!  Chris really loved the story and finding out more about the historical elements portrayed in this true Broadway tale.  I enjoyed the tap dancing and comical scenes, but had a bit of trouble following the story line at various points throughout.  It would have helped me to know a tad more about the show before we saw it, but the cast was amazing.  I was SO impressed that Audra McDonald was moving and shaking and tapping so well while visibly pregnant - truly phenomenal!

What has been your most fun summer date this year?

Andrea :)


  1. Those sound like fun date nights, and what an awesome, unique comedy group!

  2. I know I always say it, but you guys have the best, most interesting dates! :) Charlie & I haven't had much time to do date nights this summer, but we did go see "Suicide Squad" last week and that was a blast.