Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Favorite Keeper

Without question, Tim Howard is my favorite soccer player.  He is the reason I selected Everton as my English Premiere League team when Chris asked me which one I'd like to support.  He is phenomenal at his sport proving an inspiration to many throughout the world.  To say I was overjoyed when Chris surprised me with his autobiography just after its release in December 2014 is a vast understatement.  When I found out he would be signing copies of the book at a local Barnes & Noble the following summer, I took the day off work to ensure I was the first person in line!

Despite my excitement and the incredible experience at the book signing that June day, I hadn't managed to actually read the book until recently. Chris and I planned a mid-September weekend trip to Denver to knock another football stadium off my bucket list and planned to see Tim Howard in action with the MLS Rapids while in town.  I started the book as we took off in New York and nearly had it finished when we hit the ground in Colorado.  I wrapped up the last couple of chapters just before the soccer match began that evening.

Unlike the Rapids game we attended (0-0 draw), the book is full of twists and turns.  I particularly enjoyed learning about Tim's childhood as he focused on his OCD and Tourette's Syndrome obstacles most during that portion of the book.  I also enjoyed hearing his perspective on family life and the rigorous travel schedule that a professional soccer player must keep.  The book proves a wonderful balance between personal stories and soccer tales.  He speaks of his time with club teams as well as the US international squad.  I gobbled up every page!  Tim's story is both fascinating and phenomenal.  I would recommend it to anyone, but particularly sports fans.

Andrea :)

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