Thursday, May 10, 2018

Photo A Day - May 2017

I spent half of May in Kentucky doing a lot of celebrating and taking meetings in Nashville and Columbus in between. I managed to get quite a bit of reading accomplished as well. Fun month, indeed!

I had a blast collecting tickets with Landon at Chuck E. Cheese, jumping all over the place at Get Air with the Jordan and the kids, and celebrating with little miss 5-year old at all her fun birthday events!

I was so happy to see my sorority big sis, Hayley, and finally meet her two kiddos while I was in Lexington!  I spent a couple of days networking in Columbus and picked up Chris there so he could join everyone for McKinley's Medical School graduation fun. Love spending time with my family!

Back in New York, I saw Sara Bareilles perform in Waitress from the side box over the orchestra - so awesome! I managed to develop allergies that kept me inside in front of the TV where I managed to watch every episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix - yes, please!. Chris and I did manage a fun outing to Governor's Island on a weekend though!

Books and food seem to sum up this last week of May! Nothing beats Pickle Me Pete and our LIC Flea Market outings that Chris loved during the summer months. Those were some delicious pickles!

Andrea :)

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