Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cupcakes...for FREE!!

Free in NYC...really??  Yes, really!!  I couldn't believe it either :)

pure strawberry cake with sweet strawberry frosting...and delicious!!! 

I actually saw the People Like Us promotion for free Sprinkles cupcakes on my Facebook newsfeed recently.  It just so happened that I was in the mood for a cupcake.  I mean, would there ever really be an instance where I wasn't in the mood for a cupcake?  I don't think so! :)  Anyway, I wanted to share the cupcake love with you fine folks because your opportunity to cash in on this spectacular treat is just around the corner.  Yes, there are MORE free Sprinkles cupcake days in the near future!!

Here is what you have to do:

1) Follow my blog.  Ok, you don't really have to do that, but I would be SUPER happy if you did!! :)
2) Go to Sprinkles on June 17 or June 26 between 12pm and 2pm.
3) Say you are there for the "People Like Us" promotion.
4) Enjoy your free cupcake!

Let me know how you feel about Sprinkles cupcakes.  I am liking them more and more each time I try a new flavor.  Interested to hear your thoughts!

Andrea :)

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  1. I wish I lived near for free cupcakes! It looks so good!