Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance, Dance, Dance

One of my former college roommates is originally from Bulgaria.  Fortunately, we both live in New York City now and are able to get together from time to time.  She is a true treasure of a friend and we always have a great time catching up and spending time together.

Most recently, Vanya invited me to a Bulgarian Dance Festival that took place in a school auditorium nearby my apartment.  It was quite interesting.  There were a couple of different dance troupes performing and several wardrobe changes throughout the night.  I was very intrigued by the exciting and fun dances that were performed.  It made me a little sad that there are no national dances that all Americans are familiar with and could perform any time the moment was right.  America has more regional and cultural dances as we are such a melting pot for so many different types of people and cultures, but after attending this performance I was convinced it would be fun if we had a few uniform American dances, too :)  Check out some of the pictures I took of Vanya's dance troupe...

Vanya and her mom :)

Vanya even taught me a few dances at the end of the fun!!
After the show, I felt even more prepared for my eventual visit to Bulgaria.  Gotta figure out a good time to get that one crossed off my bucket list.  Pack your bags, Vanya...

Andrea :)

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