Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oscar Review: American Hustle

Oscar Nominations:
Best Picture
Actor (Christian Bale)
Actress (Amy Adams)
Supporting Actor (Bradley Cooper)
Supporting Actress (Jennifer Lawrence)
Directing (David O. Russell)

My Review:
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American Hustle recieved a lot of mixed reviews...at least from family and friends that saw it before I did.  In a strange way, I think this made me like it more than I would have otherwise because I didn't have high expectations going into it.  Chris didn't like it near as much as I did...and I didn't love it, but I did like it.  Given the cast of characters and Oscar nominations, I was expecting to be blown away.  I definitely wasn't.  The acting was top notch, but the plot/storyline was really slow.  If the film had moved just a tad faster or had a bit more action, I think I would have really liked it.  I can see why each of the main actors/actresses were nominated as they all performed extremely well.  My favorite character was the lead actor - Christian Bale.  He was great!  He had such a tough time keeping his mistress (Amy Adams) and his wife (Jennifer Lawrence) in line...and that really kept me entertained.  Definitely not an ideal double life!  I also enjoyed that the movie was based on true events.  Those movies are my favorite.  (And the Oscar nominees are full of them this year!)  In the end, I would recommend seeing this one, but definitely wait until you can get it for $1 at RedBox.  Being on the big screen didn't add a thing to this one.  Be prepared for some laughs along the way, but don't watch it when you're sleepy because it does drag quite a bit at various times. 

Have you seen American Hustle?  What did you think?

Andrea :)

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