Thursday, June 12, 2014


It begins today!  Our US team won't be in action until Monday evening, but the 2014 World Cup begins now... 

Back on June 1, Chris and I were able to attend the US-Turkey send off series game at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.  It was a lot of fun to watch the US team in action with all the craziness and excitement of the crowd in full force!
I must admit I was a bit angry that Klinsmann pulled my absolute favorite US player from goal after the half.  Especially since the goal closest to our section was set to be the one the US defended in the second half, but I tried to move on and enjoy the friendly even though I was NOT happy with the decision.

Timmy Howard has been my favorite since Day One.  Well, since Day One of Chris getting me interested in soccer the last time this incredible World Cup event took over our lives in 2010.  I even selected Everton as my English Premier League team because of my preference for Mr. US Goalkeeper.

I have a couple of others I enjoy watching, but I will definitely shed a tear when Timmy is no longer in goal for the US.  My second fave on the US team is Michael Bradley.  He is a beast out there!  Hustles like none other.  I love watching him play!  I'm convinced he will have a great tournament this year.  I certainly have high hopes for him...and this team!
I know there has been a lot of negative talk surrounding the US team's chances given their group draw, but I am choosing to remain hopeful.  Chris and I have been watching the ESPN series "Inside: US Soccer's March to Brazil" the past few weeks.  It has painted an interesting picture of the team for me.  I have very much enjoyed watching and seeing this team behind the scenes.  I am looking forward to watching them play over the next few weeks.

And as the American Outlaws claim, "I believe that we will win!"  I hope that you do, too!!

USA!!!  USA!!! USA!!!

Andrea :)

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  1. I've been watching the World Cup online (since we don't have cable). It was an exciting game last night! USA a! :)