Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fully Committed

As huge Modern Family fans, we knew we couldn't miss Jesse Tyler Ferguson's new limited run one-man show on Broadway!  He plays a multitude of characters throughout the show - something like 40 different people!  His main character, Sam, spends his days taking reservations at one of New York's most exclusive restaurants. Sam's a struggling actor and has a bit of a family dilemma as well.  Clearly, Sam is juggling a lot!

We really enjoyed the show!  It was amazing to watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson keep all the characters straight.  Honestly, I can't even imagine how he kept it all together on stage for an hour and a half!  Super talented!  Not to mention the array of accents and voice tones he had to use throughout the performance.  Jesse Tyler Ferguson was simply fantastic!!

After the show, I convinced Chris to wait around with me to meet the star at the stage door!  Jesse Tyler Ferguson was incredibly kind and humble as various people offered their feedback on the show and asked for photos and autographs.  Definitely happy to have stuck around for the opportunity to engage with him.  

Andrea :)

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  1. How cool that you and your husband got to meet him? I really want to start watching modern family, I've heard great things :)

    Edye //