Sunday, November 13, 2016

An Indoor Beach Wedding

A few weekends ago, we packed our best summer clothes and headed down to Miami for a beach wedding. Little did we know, our weekend would be spent almost completely indoor.

The wind whipped viciously and continuously for our entire trip. Any time outside the resort venue found me in a windbreaker with the hood up. It was truly unbelievable. We made the best of it by spending time with family that we don't often see and catching up on some reading and Netflix documentaries.

Despite the drastic change of environment, the wedding was lovely. It was great to enjoy dancing and chatting with Chris' cousins and aunts from England, Memphis, and Atlanta as well as the crew from NY.  Family weddings are always such a fun time!

When was your last family wedding?

Andrea :)

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  1. What a trip for you! I would be so disappointed to be trading the cold of NYC for the warm of Miami, and then it being yucky in Miami! Our last family wedding was on the beach in Florida too, but up in Jacksonville/St. Augustine. It was lovely, despite the torrential downpour at the beginning of the reception!