Friday, November 11, 2016

Five on Friday!

It's FRIDAY!! It been an eventful week that spanned ALL the emotions. For now, I'll leave it at that. Today, I wanted to share a few tidbits about the happenings of my week/month.


A few weeks ago, Chris and I ventured over to New Jersey to watch his cousin play in a collegiate soccer game. The weather didn't really cooperate with us that particular day, but despite the drizzling rain and cold temps our team was victorious!  And Myles Jordan even scored the first goal of the match! It was great to watch him play.


Loving is a beautiful love story that finds justice at its core. Fortunately for me and Chris, Richard and Mildred Loving (alongside their ACLU legal team) fought the good fight for many years and finished the race in 1967 with a Supreme Court decision that makes our marriage legal today. As Hillary reminded us in her concession speech, "please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it." Needless to say, I highly recommend that everyone watch this movie.


I've volunteered for organizations that assist under served students in the past, but I recently became involved with Let's Get Ready. This organization provides low income high school students with free SAT preparation, admissions counseling, and other support services needed to gain admission to and graduate from college. Services are provided by volunteer college students who serve as role models and mentors. We are hosting our annual benefit next week. I'm excited about the opportunity to see how it all comes together after the hard work and effort our committee put into the event. If you have interest in learning more about the event, click HERE.


This month I am co-hosting an instagram challenge. Find me @alhadventures - I invite you all to participate! It has been a lot of fun getting to know others by using #novemberphoto2016 on all our posts. Please join us for some photo fun the rest of November!


I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!! I'm actually just going to be there for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, but I am super excited to have my niece and nephew show me all their favorite rides. I have never been a major Disney fan, but I can honestly say I am stoked to have the opportunity to experience it with my two favorite kiddos! It should be a blast!!

What is going on in your life this week/month?

Andrea :)

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