Friday, March 2, 2018

Best Picture Nominees - Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of my Best Picture nominees post yesterday, click here. Otherwise, please proceed...

#6 - Lady Bird

I had really high hopes for this one, but I was let down. Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf are both fantastic actresses. They both did a wonderful job in this film (particularly Metcalf), but the story simply wasn't anything new or really all that strong. It was a simple coming of age story. Ronan's character does all the typical things - fights with mom, ditched best friend for cooler crowd, finds a popular boyfriend by acting out. It's all been done before. I was bored by the story even though I enjoyed the performances from the actresses.

#7 - Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread surprised me in a good way with its storyline, but it took FAR too long to get there. I had a hard time finding common ground with any of the characters. Everyone seemed annoying in their own way. I was bored for the first half of the movie before any substantial action really occurred. There were some twists and turns in the second half that had me intrigued, just don't expect much action until about midway through.

#8 - Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman plays a great Churchill, but this movie completely bored me. I couldn't understand parts of the dialogue and the most entertaining part was when Churchill ventured out via public transportation. Darkest Hour had a stellar character, but it just need a little more umph. It was easily the least interesting to watch for me.

#9 - Call Me By Your Name

From the previews, I could tell this movie was going to bother me. It was billed as a romance movie, but that romance takes place between a teenager and an adult. I really can't get behind that idea. I was really bothered by the fact that the movie never really addresses the age factor head on. It does take place in Italy so perhaps there are some cultural norms that I am unaware of that would permit this type of relationship. However, the adult is an American. I just didn't feel comfortable about the idea of a child being romantically involved with an adult (even if it did take a bit of time for him to "give in"). It really rubbed me the wrong way. Outside of that fact, similar to Lady Bird, this one was a coming of age story. It really wasn't anything spectacular. Just a story of the teen falling in love with this visiting scholar. I mean, I've been there. I get it. There is something attractive about that substitute teacher type, but as a teenager you have to realize it ends at fantasy.

Have you seen any of the Best Picture nominees this year?

Andrea :)

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