Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Photo a Day - March 2017

March didn't have too much excitement last year. I got back into the swing of things with my job search and started focusing on getting back into shape and working more veggies into my diet.

In an effort to volunteer more, I decided to usher for Second Stage Theater and I worked my first show for them. I also got involved with the local Phi Mu chapter in NYC and enjoyed a nice dinner with the lovely ladies of that chapter to celebrate Founder's Day.

I did quite a bit of reading this month - really enjoyed spending my time delving into some interesting topics. The weather kept me home bound a couple of days as well.

A well stocked fridge is one of the best feelings in the world! The treadmill - not so much. I was ready for Spring so I could get outside for a run!

We ran the NYRR Spring Classic on what turned out to be a pretty nice day! I had my first official in-person interview of the job hunt, finished my Level One improv class, and found a great deal on Baskin Robbins ice cream on the 31st!

Andrea :)

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