Friday, April 20, 2018

Photo a Day - April 2017

April was a fun month. I finished my first improv class, we went on a murder mystery weekend getaway, and I headed out for a few weeks in the mid-west.

Chris finally managed to get me out to his favorite NY brewery - Bridge and Tunnel. I enjoyed some tasty (and generally healthy) snacks, but the highlight of the first part of April was certainly my first ever improv show. As part of my classes with the Magnet Theater, a show was the cherry on top of a fantastic eight week experience. I had lots of support from Chris and a slew of friends for my debut!

Chris and I ran a 10k in Central Park and generally enjoyed being outside as the season changed over to Spring. I watched a Case for Christ on Good Friday, and we enjoyed spending Easter with Chris' family in Long Island.

We celebrated our seven year dating anniversary by recreating our first date on April 17 - so fun!! Later in the month, we ventured to Vermont for a murder mystery weekend. Chris and I managed to keep our characters secret from one another and had an absolute blast at the event. I had a big lip-synced singing number to perform that went over swimmingly. However, Chris was the star of the show - he was even honored for his acting ability by our whole group. He truly was a hit!!

It's always good to be back in Kentucky! I ventured back for some meetings - first at Georgetown - and then Nashville and Columbus. I enjoyed hanging with my favorite niece and nephew in between meetings. Brinley and I went to see A Dog's Purpose together and she did remarkably well for an almost 5 year old! What a great way to end a lovely month!

Andrea :)

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