Friday, September 20, 2013

Finger Lakes Fun

When Shannon first mentioned she wanted to have her bachelorette party at the Finger Lakes, I knew it would be a blast!  I'd never been to a bachelorette party before, but I was excited from the start.  It definitely did not disappoint.

The bachelorette party weekend kicked off just a couple of days after we returned from our European adventure - recaps coming soon...I promise.  A group of us were planning to meet up at Shannon's apartment around noon to begin the roughly three hour journey to our fun little house on the lake for the weekend.  We managed to somehow fit everything for four girls into the trunk and were on our way.  A couple of pit stops later, we arrived at our destination.

That Friday night, we all got settled into our rooms and then headed out to The Crow's Nest for dinner.  What a great little spot.  Perfect for a low key night!  Throughout dinner, we all got to know one another a little better and had a lot of laughs.  Plus the fried pickles were DELICIOUS! 

We spent a few hours back at the house just chatting and watching tv before we all turned in for the night.  We had a fun day of wine tasting ahead of us!

The next day, we headed out to some wineries on Cayuga Lake.  Our first stop was Swedish Hill.  We loved this place!  They gave us a tour of the winery before we did the tasting.  They weren't in production since it was the weekend, but we were able to see all of the equipment and learn lots about the process.

Then it was time to taste the finished product!  Yum!!  I think we all found something we liked at this spot.  I really liked the Svenska Blush - so tasty!

We were ready for lunch next so we headed down to Knapp Winery and Vineyard Restaurant. 

Lunch was delicious, but we weren't as impressed with the wines at this spot.  The decor and atmosphere was much better though.  The ice wine at Knapp was fantastic!  Definitely my favorite!

We stopped in a couple of other wineries on the way back to our house, but I didn't try any of the wines there.  One that we stopped at had a phenomenal view on the back porch.  We definitely took lots of pictures there!

The rest of the afternoon everyone just relaxed and rested.  I managed to get in my five mile run.  It was actually pretty nice.  I was literally surrounded by nature.  So much so that two deer ran right out in front of me on the trail at one point.  Kinda scary, but thankfully it was toward the end of the run and I made it back safely.

That night we capped off the weekend with an awesome dinner at a CASTLE!!  So fun!!  We had a great night talking and eating delicious food.  Our only regret is that it was too dark outside by the time we arrived for us to get a good view of the exterior of the castle.  Maybe next time!

Overall, my first bachelorette party was a wonderful experience!  It was relaxing and fun.  Exactly what the bride had in mind!  I'm off to Oswego with Chris this weekend to celebrate the nuptials of the happy couple!  It is sure to be a great time!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Andrea :)

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