Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Marathon -
I have less than a month to feel prepared for you now.  I am close, but not quite there.  I'll be ready though.  Don't you worry!

Dear 20-mile run -
Please take it as easy as possible on me.  Your 18-mile counterpart wasn't super kind so I'm hoping you show me a little more hospitality.

Dear Weather -
You can be warm for a little bit longer.  Just not on the morning of my 20-mile run.  I only need a few hours of moderate coolness so I don't become overwhelmed by the heat like last weekend.  Oh, and don't even think about any precipitation, please!

Dear Boyfriend -
I know today will be a good day for you!  I look forward to seeing you tonight!

Dear Bengals -
Please win.  As of last night, the Browns lead the division.  This is unacceptable.  I'm really counting on Andy Dalton you to come through this weekend!

Dear Niece and Nephew -
I can't wait to see you both at the end of the month.  Don't grow up too much between now and then!  Oh, and please beg your daddy to stop dressing you in that dreadful Browns gear!  We'll work on learning how to say "Who Dey, Daddy!" when I come to visit!

Dear European Adventure Recaps -
I promise I'll start posting you this coming week.  If only running all these crazy miles for the marathon wasn't taking over my life then I would've had you finished weeks ago!  Sorry about that!

Dear Readers -
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Andrea :)

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