Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love, Football, and possibly too much Sun

Chris and I have been to multiple weddings since we started dating roughly three and a half years ago.  We've been to at least one every year, but typically we attend 3-4 over the course of a year.  The wedding we attended this past weekend wasn't like all the others though.  It was our first family wedding.  Chris' cousin was the groom.  It was totally different to be attending a wedding AND meeting lots of Chris' family as well!

The wedding was a lot of fun.  It was held at a resort in Howey-in-the-hills, Florida, where the evening ceremony took place just before sunset.  The flower girl was adorable especially when she ran out of flowers halfway down the path.  Too cute! 

During the cocktail hour, family photos were taken.  Chris has a very large family as his parents are both 1 of 8 children.  There were so many family members at the wedding that I couldn't even see everyone's face when I took a picture of the group!  I had met a handful of the family members previously so it was fun to see them again...especially the trio of British folks that I met most recently.  We had a good time chatting and dancing the night away.

Bride and Groom with his parents and three brothers.

I liked so many things about this wedding.  The buffet style meal was delicious.  The cake was very tasty.  The favors were great - the candle smells unbelievable!  And the sparkler send off for the newlyweds was super neat.

The next day, Chris and I were up early to head over to Tampa for some football.  I managed to squeeze in a quick three mile run before breakfast at the hotel.  Then, we were on our way!  I collect NFL stadiums so we planned to make the trip dual purpose and watch a game as well.  I'll do a full recap of our stadium experience on Sunday (check out #1 on my bucket list for previous Sunday stadium reviews), but the most unforgettable part of the afternoon was the SUN.  It was blazing hot...and I got scorched.  Boo for that!

It was a quick two day trip to Florida for us, but we were glad to be there for all the fun!

Andrea :)

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