Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fueling Comparision

I've never been much of a fueling champion, but I know how important staying fueled up is during longer runs and races so I gave a few different products a try over the past few weeks.  I wasn't particularly fond of the gels, but I have tried the gummies in the past without much luck so I thought I'd try out something different.  None of these presented the digestive issues that I previously experienced with the gummies and chews so that was definitely a positive!

On my 18 mile run, I tried the PowerGel Performance Energy Gel product.  I liked the size of this pouch as it easily fit in my back pocket as well as my hand.  I'm not sure if it was the crazy heat or the actual product, but this gel was very runny and tasted terrible.  I had to force myself to gag it down.  There was no distinguishable flavor.  I did not like it at all.  I did feel a bit of a boost to begin the second half of my run, but that was the case with each gel.

On my 20 mile run, I tested the Clif Shot Energy Gel.  This packet was pretty large in comparison to the others, but was definitely still manageable.  It had a definitive gel texture by the time I was ready to use it.  I didn't particularly love the flavor, but the consistency was easier to choke down.  This one was my favorite of the three. 

On my final long(ish) 12 mile run of training, I tried the GU Energy Gel.  This packet was the perfect size.  The consistency of the gel was about the same as the Clif brand.  However, I still haven't developed a taste for the texture of this stuff.  I didn't really notice a distinct flavor, but it was more neutral that the vanilla of the other two products.  This gel was a very close second for me.

What is your favorite fuel for long runs and races?

Andrea :)

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