Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mini of the Month: July

When we found out the Mini of the Month was Root Beer Float, we were pumped!!  We love Root Beer.  In fact, it is the only soda that I will cave in and drink every so often.  And Root Beer floats are my absolute favorite ice cream treat!!

Ingredients: Root Beer Cake, Vanilla Icing, Brown & Clear Sugar Crystal, & Brittle Topping

Fortunately, this yummy treat did not disappoint!!  Chris and I both loved it!  It had a pretty clear Root Beer flavor though I'm not sure the brittle topping was the best choice for the mini.  Maybe just a sprinkle of the sugar crystals would have been best.  Either way, it was fabulous!  We couldn't get enough of the deliciousness!

Do you like Root Beer as much as we do? 

Andrea :)

1 comment:

  1. YUMMY! That sounds amazing! I kind of want to find a cupcake place around here with a rootbeer flavored cupcake now :)!