Friday, August 1, 2014

Ninja New York: A Truly Unique Experience

A friend recommended Christopher and I give Ninja New York a try for my birthday dinner.  They had a fun experience there and thought we would enjoy it as well.  They have never been more right!  We loved it!!  And the food is spectacular!!

After a quick elevator ride down to the ninja headquarters we weaved toward our individual little hut.  Our server, Ninja Chris, greeted us and got us started with a flavored sake set.  I thought the strawberry sake was the best, but also liked the orange one.  Lemon was ok, but plum was terrible!

Next, we moved to appetizers.  Each of ours had a fun twist to it.  Mine proved a bit scary even!

Chopping up the topping for his salad NINJA style!!

Very carefully (as instructed) opening up my edamame box....

Dinner was next.  It did not disappoint!  We both ordered the chicken teriyaki with vegetables.  It was without a doubt one of the best meals I have had in quite some time!

Dessert was another round of fun excitement!  Chris ordered the Ninja Star while I chose A Rose.  Both had super cool presentations and were delicious!  They actually cooked the Ninja Star right in front of us at the table.  Very fun stuff!!


During dessert, a magician came around to our hut and performed some tricks for us.  He had me choose a card and write my name on one side of it, then put it back in the deck and it magically appeared with the other side saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it.  It was unbelievable.  He did several other really neat tricks before he headed off to another table.

We had a great experience at Ninja New York.  I would highly recommend it to anyone...especially if they are celebrating a birthday or anniversary.  It is also a fun place for a family with younger kids.  Lots of families were there and all the kids were just loving everything!! 

Have you ever been to an interactive dinner restaurant??  Did you enjoy it??

Andrea :)


  1. You always have the most awesome adventures!!! :)

  2. I love your adventures! This place looks amazing! :)

  3. This sure does look like quite the experience! Glad it was fun!!