Friday, September 12, 2014

Cute Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Since my friend, Mary, is set to give birth any day now it seems like a good time to tell you all about the cute, gender neutral baby shower we threw for her back in early August. 

The parents-to-be decided they wanted to be surprised by the gender when their little one arrives in the next couple of weeks so we selected a book theme with lots of green - the mom-to be's favorite color!

As guests entered with their books to stock Baby Dening's shelf, we asked them to participate in a fun little gender guessing game.  We ended up having about equal guesses for boy and girl.  I'm SO curious to see which is right!

I was in charge of the games for the shower.  I found some great printables online for the traditional word scramble.  I also got a little creative making a Baby Jeopardy board!  And you know a baby shower just isn't complete without the yarn game.


Everyone had a great time celebrating Mary!  I was surprised by how competitive everyone was at the games.  Glad I got some good prizes for the winners :)  And of course everyone received lovely bottle and pacifier favors on their way out.

It has been SO exciting and a lot of fun getting to experience this journey to motherhood with Mary.  I am so happy for her and Dave as I am certain they will be phenomenal parents.  Mary is the first friend that I feel like I've really gotten to be around on a regular basis throughout her pregnancy.  It was always exciting to hear the updates and see the progress throughout the past few months.  It's down to the wire now to see whether they'll need more blue or more pink in the closet for their beautiful bundle of joy!  Can't wait!

Andrea :)


  1. Looks like such a cute, fun shower! I get so competitive at baby/bridal shower games- lol! Those prizes are worth it ;) I love when people decide not to find out the gender, but I don't think I could wait!!

  2. Love it, you did a great job with the games! :) And I absolutely love the book idea. I wish I would have done that!

  3. I love a gender neutral baby shower and until now I am wishing I had such kind of shower when I was still expecting my first. Everything is so cute. Thanks for sharing.