Sunday, September 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: My Race Bucket List

Within the past year, I knocked out three of the major races on my race bucket list so I'll start with some photos and the recaps of those.  Click on the picture captions below for the full race recaps!




All three of those had been on my race bucket list for quite some time before I was able to cross them off.  Hopefully these next few don't have to wait as long!

This one is in Washington DC so that it's just a matter of coordinating my personal life and getting registered for this one.  I've heard SO many great things about it!

I have heard wonderful things about both of these races.  And as much running as I've done over the past few years, I've never managed to sign up for a race in my home state of Kentucky.  That must change soon!

When I first heard about the Tunnel to Towers 5k I was so very intrigued.  Not sure why I haven't signed up for this one yet, but I know it would be a very emotional run for sure!

It should go without saying that I would also love to run a race or two or three in Europe.  That would be the epitome of fun!  Sightseeing on the go plus a t-shirt and medal...yes, please!!  Sign me up :)

What races are on your bucket list?

Andrea :)


  1. So jealous of your races in New York, and the fact that you've completed a marathon. I'd love to do both one day. Fingers crossed. Laura xx

  2. The Kentucky Half sounds really cool! I don't know why, but I've always really wanted to visit Kentucky. It looks so beautiful!

  3. I had no idea there was a tunnel to tower run and I would probably cry the whole way through! Do you know what the money from that race goes toward?

  4. I think running in NYC would be so fun! Maybe some day :) Those other races look fun too. I think the Tunnel to Towers would be emotional for sure. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Very cool that you've been able to cross some off your list! Cherry Blossom and Army 10-Milers are 2 that I totally forgot about but would love to do. I'm close(ish) to DC and 10 miles is my favorite distance.