Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Favorite Princess is FOUR!

Chris and I made a trip to Kentucky this past weekend to surprise my mom for her 60th Birthday.  There is a post to come with all those fun and exciting details, but one of the secondary events that occurred while we were in town happened to be a little impromptu birthday party for my niece!

I can't hardly believe that little Brinley is now a big four year old!  She is definitely one of a kind - such a smart, independent, and funny little gal.  I loved having some time to play and interact with her in person this weekend.  Our time together is never long enough, but it sure was fun to hang out with the little lady that made me an aunt!  Fortunately, it won't be long before we see her again!  Can't wait til next time!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite PRINCESS of them all!!  
I love you, Brinley!!

Andrea :)


  1. Happy birthday to Brinley!! She's so cute :)

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  2. So sweet!! Being an Aunt is so much fun :) Brinley is lucky to have you!!

  3. We enjoyed seeing you too sis!