Monday, November 14, 2016

Relaxing in San Antonio

San Antonio is easily on my list of top five most relaxing US cities. The atmosphere is simply unbeatable. We made sure to visit the Alamo, but otherwise we just roamed around, people watched, and enjoyed the warm weather.

We opted to make use of the audio tour option at the Alamo. I think we would have missed out on some valuable stories and touch points if we had self-guided. Definitely worth the minimal cost. We also tried to go earlier in the day to avoid the crowds and rising temperatures. After a couple of hours spent remembering the Alamo, we ventured over to the Riverwalk area and hopped on a boat tour to get a good layout of the area before we started roamed about on foot.

We managed to find a Blue Bell Ice Cream shop without much issue. It was definitely quite high on my priority list since it is so popular among my crew of ever-growing friends with Texas roots.  We also decided to the beat the heat by spending a couple hours at Dave & Buster's in the Rivercenter Mall. We got pretty competitive with the basketball game there!

Since we started the day with the historic Alamo, we decided to end our evening with both the oldest restaurant and oldest bar on the Riverwalk. Casa Rio had quite a long wait for the outside tables along the Riverwalk, but we managed to get in pretty quickly by opting for an indoor table. The food was delicious with overflowing portions. This meal began a week of fantastic and fulfilling options. Texas definitely does it right when it comes to food.  The drinks at The Esquire were unique with fancy garnishes and neat names. I'm more interested in cider than mixed drinks these days, but the atmosphere was great in this older venue.

Have you visited Texas?
What do you enjoy most about visiting a new place? 

Andrea :)

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  1. Looks like a great city! I've always wanted to visit there too :) Jared got to go there on work for just a short weekend but he got to see the river walk and such. Definitely on my list to visit!