Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Photo A Day - June 2017

June was full of lots of races, an unexpected medical procedure, and fun shows and outings!

Chris and I ran in our 2nd annual Long Island City 5k - so fun! I found some time to catch up with my longtime friend, Vanya, in Central Park. Always great to spend time with an old friend. I took some photos of our apartment all laid out before we started packing. Finally, I experienced an unexpected procedure requiring seven stitches to remove melanoma from my left shoulder on June 6. Beware of the dangers of the sun...and that's coming from someone who avoids it all together if at all possible.

I completed my 6th consecutive NYRR New York Mini even though I had to walk the whole time because of my stitches. I never felt more proud to complete a race! I enjoyed some fun treats - a Black Tap cotton candy strawberry milkshake and Levain chocolate chip cookies. I stood in line for rush tickets to Come From Away which turned out to be amazing - loved every moment!

I took a one day memoir writing course. Chris and I saw Matthew Perry in The End of Longing complete with a talkback and autographs after the show. My NYC Matthew Perry story came full circle. Mary and I enjoyed our annual birthday show - Anastasia. And I found myself in a completely empty subway car one night - incredibly rare!

We finished the month off with another race - a four miler in Central Park. Our friend, Omar, made his stand-up comedy debut. Baked by Melissa went out on a limb with some ice cream - not great. I highly recommend The Moth if you love reading short, true stories - very neat!

Andrea :)

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