Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Met Chandler....yes, THAT Chandler!!

Who doesn't love Friends?  It was a staple during my high school years.  Every Thursday, we couldn't wait for it to come on and every Friday we talked about what happened on the episode the night before.  We LOVED Friends! 

Everyone had their favorite character on the show.  Mine was Chandler...hands down!!  He was so funny...sarcastic funny.  My favorite kind!

You can imagine my extreme excitement to the point of chasing him down the street and almost getting hit by a car delight when my friend Reba noticed him walking by after a girls night down in Greenwich Village.  We had met up for some BINGO fun at Tortilla Flats.  You can tell by the smiles on our faces that we had a blast that night!  And that was even before Chandler made his appearance :)

After we headed out of the restaurant, we were walking toward the subway to venture back to our respective apartments.  We were all chatting when Reba non-chalantly states that Matthew Perry just passed us.  At first it didn't register, but when it did, I sorta freaked out.  I told Tarra she had to come with me cause I was chasing him down and someone had to take the picture.  I simply could NOT pass up the opportunity.  I couldn't.  And lucky me for having such a great friend because she came along with me on the wild goose chase to catch him before the light changed and he crossed the street!  And we got my picture!

He was with friends...maybe 2 or 3 other guys.  He was smoking a cigarette...which I can't stand.  He was friendly (even though he probably should have been annoyed)...and I was happy!  I simply tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he minded to take a picture with me.  Cause "I love Chandler!  And you're SO funny!".  Seriously, I said that probably at least a half dozen times.  And he still smiled in the picture...sort of. 

Moral of the story (for all you celebs out there reading this), be nice to's easy...and I still watch every single Matthew Perry sitcom on TV to this day...even if there have been a few not so great ones!  I like to call that loyalty :)

And now you know to story behind the day that I met Chandler...yes, THAT Chandler!

Andrea :)


  1. That is SO awesome!! I'm jealous! Friends is my favorite show and Chandler is definitely my favorite character (so hilarious)! I haven't watched all his show, but I'm watching Go On now & it's good (but no Friends)!

  2. That's pretty awesome! It is so surreal to see celebrities in real life. A long time ago I ran into Leonardo DiCaprio. He was an ass. But it was right after Titanic, so he had probably had enough of it.

  3. I'm totally jealous. I adore Matthew Perry!