Monday, January 16, 2012

Championship weekend....

Unfortunately, my Bengals didn't make it very far in the playoffs, but I am excited to be working AFC Championship this year.  This will be my fourth time working Championship weekend.  I've had some great ones.  Thought I'd take a little stroll down Championship memory lane :)

In 2009, I went to Phoenix for NFC Championship.  What a trip!  We had a blast...and the weather was gorgeous AND warm in January.  Can't beat that!  Here are a few pictures from that trip.

Co-worker Alison at the Heart Attack Grill...hilarious!

Suns game...a friend of mine hooked us up with a suite :)

holding the coveted trophy

Pausing for a picture...

Cardinals win...they were BEYOND excited!!
In 2010, I had the time of my life in New Orleans with the same NFC crew.  New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities.  It was particularly full of fun with Who Dat Nation in full force :)  Take a look...

Spending a little time in Jackson Square...

Some co-workers and I just happened to run into Jimmy Buffett one night :)

For some reason we couldn't take it out of the plastic this year :(

Pre-game picture inside the Superdome....
Saints celebrating post-game....

Last year, I switched over to AFC and in the process I experienced my first crummy weather Championship.  I ended up going to a repeat stadium, too :(  It's always better when it's a dome and a new stadium!  However, Jordan made the trip up for that game making it a lot more fun.  Though the outcome wasn't what I had hoped, it was a fun experience.

Pittsburgh Penguins hockey times!

the trophies got an upgrade...

Me and Jordan - pre-game :)

As I look back now, it seems that the home team has won each of the times I worked Championship.  I'm not completely sure how much more common it is for the home team to win, but I know Chris is hoping it doesn't hold true this time. We'll see soon enough!  I'll post on Championship 2012 after Sunday.  For now, it's off to enjoy Providence, Rhode Island!

Andrea :)

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