Friday, January 27, 2012

12 days...

That's how many full days I spent in my NYC apartment this month...kind of crazy!! Living out of a suitcase has some positives, but after a few days on the road things start to get a little monotonous.  I'll be glad to be back in one place with all my stuff again!  Thought I would do a pro and con post about life on the road....

-Spending time in various cities - seeing new things, eating new places
-Not having to cook or clean
-Having a HUGE bed with tons of comfy pillows (not a luxury I have in my shoebox apt)
-Having access to a gym (without having to go outside)
-Racking up the skymiles!!

-Having to figure out everything you might possibly need without knowing exactly what your schedule will be once you arrive
-Eating out for every meal
-Having snacks around the makeshift offices all day...EVERY day
-Not being around to spend time with my friends
-Being in and out of airports all month (and climbing my 5 flights of stairs with ALL that luggage every time)
-Hotel showers...ALWAYS either no pressure or too much pressure...why can't they get this right??
-Working on weekends :(

All that travel often sounds glamorous, exciting, and fun, but it can also be a real inconvenience at times.  I'm always excited to go, but then sad to be gone for so long.  Such a catch-22...

Andrea :)

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