Sunday, February 12, 2012

All by myself....

I went to the myself...and it wasn't so bad!!! I actually enjoyed it (so much that since starting this post and publishing it, I've gone twice more on my own).  I saw Hugo in 3D the Thursday night before I left for Indy and SB XLVI.

It was a phenomenal  movie.  Mom and Dad had seen it earlier that week so it was fun talking with them about it afterward.  Of course, there was a bit of a mishap...would it be something I did (by myself to top it off) without one??  I mean,'s sorta how I roll.  So, I'm running late and I get to the theater about the time the movie is set to start.  I'm not worried because there are always 10-15 minutes (at least!) of previews.  So I buy the ticket and head up the first of hundreds eight or so escalators.  I thought it was a little odd that the guy who took my ticket didn't give me the 3D glasses, but amid my rush to get there before it started and my nervousness about having never done this sort of thing solo, I rationalized that they would surely be handing them out at the door...even 10 minutes into the previews...ha!  Needless to say, they were NOT handing them out. At this point, I finally began to think I might actually miss the beginning of this movie.  But on my way back to the escalators, resourceful me spotted the 3D glasses recycling bin and promptly recycled a pair of glasses right on the spot :)  Glad it worked out because I wouldn't have wanted to miss a second of this great movie!  I'm not usually a fan of 3D movies, but I highly recommend this one!

Andrea :)

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