Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Bowl - Recap

Wanted to do a quick recap of my past two Super Bowls prior to XLVI, but work and travel got in the way.  Here is the recap I had in mind....

Since my first year at the NFL League Office, I had always promised my brothers that I would take them to the Super Bowl if that opportunity was ever presented to me.  That opportunity came in 2010 with Super Bowl XLIV in Miami South Florida. Jordan and Jennifer arrived on Thursday so they were able to enjoy several of the festivities with me prior to McKinley's weekend arrival.  Here are a few pictures...

tweet up with Peter King - Jordan was able to get his book autographed

Rihanna at the Pepsi Fan Jam
Friday Night Commissioner's Party...

Jordan took plenty of photos with celebs/players, but I had to jump in for the Tebow pic!!

before heading to tailgate and the big game

at some point in the 3rd quarter, I was able to head over to their section for a picture

Saints celebrating their big win!

you have to look very closely, but all 3 Heflin kids are in this picture :)
In 2011, it was Mom and Dad's turn for a trip to the Super Bowl.  They drove down to Dallas North Texas arriving on Thursday before SB XLV.  Mom and Dad had a great time at NFL Experience and Tailgate prior to the big game.  Check out some pictures from their trip.

inside the stadium at some point mid-week

yummy dessert from our dinner with the McWhorters

on the friends and family bus headed to the stadium....

right before entering the stadium...

post-game picture right outside the stadium

Be on the lookout for a post about all the fun from Super Bowl XLVI with Christopher and Jordan in the next few days!

Andrea :)

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