Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caucus Weekend

President's Day weekend I was able to enjoy what is most commonly know as Caucus Weekend to the locals of Albany.  Chris showed me a great time at a few of the events.  The events kicked off on Friday night with a reception.  There were several fun food stations set up.  My favorite was the penne in vodka sauce with broccoli - SO good!!  I also discovered that I like White Zinfandel :)

All dressed up for the reception :)

On Saturday, we were able to attend an SWV concert.  I love(d), love(d), love(d) their song Weak back in the day so I was pumped to be able to see them live.  They still have it, too!!  It was a fun concert.

SWV belting it out - amazing voices!

having fun at the concert!

Sunday, we went to see the new Denzel Washington movie, Safe House. We both liked it.  It was one of those where you are always thinking about what's going to happen or how they are going to get out of the situation they are in.  I like those kind.  It also didn't hurt that Denzel was one of the lead actors....even if they did make him look kind of old :)

 Monday, Chris had to work for a bit so I hung out at the mall.  Always fun to look around at a variety of places.  I even saw my cousin, Gary.  Completely random.  Guess Albany is a smaller place than I thought :)  The highlight of the mall trip was a spot I found in the food court area - Bettie's Cakes!  I got a creamsicle cupcake for us to share.  It was quite tasty.

I'm a fan!!  Very tasty!!
I had a great weekend.  It was sandwiched between two trips to Indianapolis, but it was worth it to be able to spend some time with Chris and enjoy the events of Caucus Weekend!  Hope you had a great long weekend as well!!

Andrea :)

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  1. So jealous you got to see SWV! I have loved them since the 90s. I have their hits cd. I bet they were amazing! Happy birthday Chris!