Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's Go Rangers!!

For Valentine's Day, I bought Chris tickets to the Rangers-Sabres hockey game.  The gift was a bit delayed from the holiday...and actually seemed more like a birthday gift since the game fell on Feb. 25th, but nonetheless, we had a great time!  And to top it off, the Rangers won!!  I had forgotten that hockey was so brutal though!  I had only been a couple of other times, but it had been a couple of years.  Chris hadn't been to a game in 18 years!!  The last time he went, the Rangers won the Stanley Cup.  Maybe he's their lucky charm...only time will tell :)

Rangers v Sabres...great game!
a fight breaks out 8 seconds into the game...interesting....

it lasted for a good couple of minutes...crazy!
playing nice again :)
we had a great time at the game!!
 Andrea :)

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