Friday, November 29, 2013

Family Time in the Big Apple

It was a lot of fun having my family in town for a few days when I ran the NYC Marathon.  It was a challenge to find kid friendly activities for an 18-month and 4-month old, but we managed to occupy their time fairly well.  We started with a trip to the original Shake Shack mostly because it is located in Madison Square Park and there is a small playground area there.  Brinley loves milkshakes...and slides.

Unfortunately, we couldn't keep the rain away and we had to head off to the subway for cover!  These pics aren't from their first rides on the subway, but Jordan and Jen said they weren't too sure about it in the beginning.  I guess they warmed up to it a little.

The next day was race day.  You can check out my NYC Marathon recap to see some of the fun we all had that day.  The next day we headed over to Central Park so I could get my medal engraved.  The rest of the crew played at the playground while I waited in a super long line.  I did manage to have a little fun in the park with them though.

After a quick lunch, we headed over to FAO Schwarz for some exciting times on the BIG piano and lots of wow's and woah's from Brinley at all the oversized stuffed animals and lego creations.

That was enough excitement for one day especially when we had a certain 18-month old's birthday to celebrate when we got back to my apartment!  Brinley really racked up on the goodies.  She was loving the Magnolia's cupcake and NY pizza, too.


I had to head back to work the following day.  My co-workers were anxious to meet my little niece and nephew that I am always talking about so the whole family came over to my office.  It helps that there is lots to see there, too!  Brinley loved playing at my desk!


The last day that everyone was in town we spent some time at the carousel in Bryant Park.  Brinley rode it tons of times.  We even got Landon on there for a couple rides.


And no trip to NYC is complete for a kid without a visit to the Times Square Toys "R" Us.  Brinley had a lot of fun playing in there as well.  Even though a couple of the interactive elements were a bit scary for her.

That night, Mom, Dad, and I babysat so that Jordan and Jen could go see Wicked.  It was an interesting night.  Definitely a lot more work that I imagined, but I did get to feed little Landon for the first time so that was pretty neat.

It was great having them all here for a few days especially since I won't be seeing them all again until Christmas.  The week was definitely full of some exciting adventures.  NYC with two little ones in tow is most certainly a different experience for all.  So glad for that fun week!

Andrea :)

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