Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goodbye, Winter!

Tomorrow is the start of Spring.  I hope our weather is taking note!  I am beyond ready for some consistantly nice weather.

To bid winter farewell, I wanted to share with you the cutest piece of artwork I ever recieved.

Brinley, Me, and Landon - LOVE!!

Over Christmas, everyone got some creative artwork that incorporated my niece and nephew except me.  To be fair, I usually request items that I can easily get back to NYC on the plane with me.  This time I was really sad not to have something special while the kiddos are still so little, so I requested a unique piece of artwork after the fact :)

I couldn't have been more excited with the finished product that is now proudly hanging on my wall.  My sister-in-law is very creative and amazingly talented.  She did such a great job making something unique for this lifetime penguin collector.   I think what I love most is that it is a forever snapshot in time capturing our footprints.

What's your favorite piece of homemade artwork?

Andrea :)

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