Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini of the Month: March

I knew the moment I saw the name of this mini of the month that I was going to love it!  I am a huge vanilla fan.  About the only two flavors that top vanilla for me when it comes to cupcakes is strawberry and pumpkin.  I'm not a chocolate fan at all.  Just by name alone, I knew this would be delicious!  And I was right!

Ingredients: Yellow Cake, White Vanilla Icing, Vanilla Cookies & Cream Stuffing, and Vanilla Cookie Topping

This is basically a Golden Oreo cupcake.  Or at least that is exactly how it tasted to me.  I've never really liked regular Oreos, but could eat a whole package of the Golden Oreos easily!  And I would have loved to have more of these bad boys, but stopping at one was probably the best idea!  So very tasty!

Would you like this cupcake?  Which type of Oreos do you prefer?

Andrea :)

1 comment:

  1. Not sure I would like this one - a little too much vanilla maybe? I'm not a fan of the cookie broken on top, looks sort of "undone" to me. I will say, the cookies & cream stuffing does sound intriguing though.