Monday, October 27, 2014

Friends, Food, and Football!

What a relaxing, yet busy weekend!  It seems like it has been ages since there has been a weekend that didn't revolve around something wedding related so it was a refreshing break to not have a mile long to-do list this weekend!  We did have lots of honeymoon related tasks to complete, but nothing super pressing.  PS - Wednesday can't arrive soon enough!!

But back to the weekend...on Friday after work we braved the PATH train to head over to Hoboken for a visit with our favorite newbie parents :)  Chris hadn't even had a chance to meet their daughter yet!  It was SO fun to catch up!!  And little Carolyn had changed so much in the month since I'd last seen her!

Delicious yumminess from Sweet in Hoboken!!  Thanks, Mary & Dave :)

For most of the day on Saturday, we were busy running errands, figuring out which luggage to take, and sorting out which clothes would be most weather appropriate for our cruise.  We did manage to have a little date night that involved fun!  More to come on that adventure soon :) 

On Sunday we managed to stop by a neat little hodge podge of eateries and treat shops in Greeley Square before picking up some accessories from B&H Photo for our new video camera and gathering up some other electronic odds and ends that we had been needing for our trip.  Oh, and I got a new camera!  Here's to lots of multimedia fun on our cruise :) 

The teriyaki balls were delish!  I got the potato ones.  And really, how can you say no to macaroons?


I had to work the late game, but we met up with some friends for the Jets-Bills game earlier that day.  And at a Bills bar nonetheless.  I had to leave early, but Chris held his ground as the only one to rep the green and white.  Brave man!

How was your weekend??  Did your team win??

Andrea :)


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I want some cupcakes and macaroons!

  2. What a great weekend, I have never had Macaroons! I want to try them so bad! I might have to put that on my November Bucket list! :)