Thursday, October 2, 2014

Race Recap: Join the Voices! 5M

In early August, I ran another five miler in my seemingly never ending attempt to qualify for the 2015 NYC Marathon.  I had taken the month of July off from running due to the heat my work schedule and other fun stuff I had going on like being a bridesmaid on the beach and my birthday!

Needless to say, I was pleased to clock a time of 1:02:31 with 12:31 minute miles.  It certainly wasn't my best effort, but given my running break that preceeded the race I think it was a fair time for me.

The best part of the race was that Tony Danza played host for the awards afterward.  So cool!!  The race served as a way to promote Brain Cancer Research. After the run, I stuck around for the awards to get a good photo of Tony Danza, but I got SO much more. The stories of various brain cancer survivors present were truly touching. So touching that it moved me to donate to brain cancer research.

Do you ever run for a cause??

Andrea :)

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