Monday, October 13, 2014

Wine Riot

A few weeks ago, Christopher and I ventured out on a different kind of date night - Wine Riot!

I kept seeing it pop up on my Facebook newsfeed so eventually I gave it a look.  And we were intrigued, so we checked it out! We were a bit overwhelmed when we walked into the event space!  There were SO many vendors offering tastes of their particular wines.  We didn't know where to start!

We eventually decided to begin with the Reisling Challenge.  We both liked the sweet wine here. 

Next, we ventured over to the Finger Lakes selections.  I knew from the tastings I did at Shannon's Bachelorette Party last year that I really only like wine that is quite sweet...often too sweet for the tastes of others.  Chris confirmed that he likes both dry and sweet wines at this booth. 

After we had a good idea of our likes and dislikes, we sort of just wandered around trying various wines we thought might be good. We did stop in for one of the classes on ordering Italian wines since we are headed that direction for our honeymoon, but there were way too many people crammed into the space and it was a bit difficult to hear.  The information I did hear was interesting, but not sure if it was presented in a manner that would help me remember much for future use.  It would have been nice if they distributed a cheat sheet of sorts as a takeaway from the crash course.

There were a few food vendors at the event as well.  We ate dinner beforehand, but I just had to try something from the Jam Jar Bakery.  Such a neat idea and super cute presentation...and tasty to boot!!

Toward the end of the night, we decided that our overall favorite was the Till Min Drottning Reisling - a delicious wine from the Ma Lung Winery in Brooklyn.  We'll have to be sure to grab a bottle of it for our first official dinner party!

We had a lot of fun wine tasting and chatting with the representatives at each booth.  They have several of these events throughout the US so check out their website here to learn more about how you can join in the Wine Riot fun!

What kind of wine do you prefer?  Do you have a favorite sweet wine I should try?

Andrea :)


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I drink a lot of wine (not like an alcoholic, just my preferred drink over beer or liquor) so my tastes have gotten a lot drier over the years. My husband and I love going to wineries and doing tastings, and just trying new flavors out!

    I think you'll like Moscato when you're in Italy, it's usually a sweeter white wine. Or Frascati. I'm so jealous! Congrats on your pending nuptials, and enjoy your honeymoon!

  2. I love any kind of moscato. It's kinda sweet as well. Sounds like a great night! :)

  3. I'm a sweet wine girl as well, and honestly I usually pick my wine based on bottles (haha) I've had some REALLY good ones and some REALLY bad ones!

  4. I don't like wine usually, but recently I've started liking sweet wine. Reisling is good! That looks like a lot of fun.