Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Stadium Review - Lions

Detroit Lions
Name of Stadium: Ford Field
Capacity: 65,000
Game Attended: versus Bills in October 2014 with Chris
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

Last weekend, Chris and I made a quick weekend getaway to Detroit. One of our main objectives was to cross another stadium off my bucket list.  After our visit to Ford Field, I only have eight stadiums left.  That means I am 3/4 of the way there...hooray!!

The stadium is right downtown just across from the Tigers' baseball stadium.  It was a TOTAL cluster of people at the entrance.  The picture above was taken roughly five minutes before kickoff.  There were some serious issues with getting people into the stadium quickly particularly as game time approached, but the crowd was fairly peaceful.  Unfortunately, we were stuck by a group of smokers though.  Yuck!

Once inside, we were caught up in the game immediately with the massive roars from the crowd - it was loud!  We had to walk halfway around the stadium to our seats, but we were able to check out the wide array of vendors on our walk so we knew exactly what we wanted for lunch by the time we made it to our nosebleed section!

The game started out as a Lions blowout, but some kicker trouble allowed the Bills to turn things around and make a game out of it.  We saw two field goals hit the upright!  Major kicker issues in Detroit!  In the end, the Bills were victorious...and we were shocked by the passive, accepting nature of the Lions fans.  I heard more than one group commenting that at least the kicker was their main problem.  Not sure if that says more about the people of Detriot or is merely a side effect of having a very bad team for a very long time.  Either way, it made for an interesting and at times comical departure from the stadium.

Overall, I liked Ford Field.  Being indoors makes life so much easier...and it can have some definite advantages in the noise level department, too.  There wasn't anything particularly stellar about the stadium, but it is a quite nice venue. 

Andrea :)


  1. That is pretty surprising that the fans were so passive and accepting... The only game I've been to was that playoff game in Charlotte against the 49ers... We saw a fight nearly happen in the row ahead of us and all kinds of trash talking throughout the game (I'm going to just blame the SF fans). It was quite the experience :) I can say though that they got us in and out of the stadium quickly and their security responds pretty swiftly to problems (like the incident in front of us). What are your last 8 stadiums to go to?

  2. Glad you were able to cross this stadium off your bucket list! :)