Monday, January 25, 2016

#collaboreads: Something to Make You Better

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg has been on my shelf for a couple years.  I am SO glad this month's topic prompted me to finally give it a read because not only did I really enjoy it, but I also learned a few things!  Most importantly, I discovered the habit loop - along with all the chaos and harmony it creates in our everyday lives.

What part of the book could you NOT get enough of?

The book had three sections focusing on the habits of individuals, successful organizations, and society at large.  Each section build on the previous one.  Honestly, I couldn't get enough of all of it.  The psychology of how habits are created and maintained was simply fascinating to me.  From the most simple act like brushing your teeth to much more complex ideas like the civil rights movement all ultimately boil down to habits.  Unfortunately, it takes A LOT of work to rid your life of bad habits...though this book does break down the method for doing it!

How did you relate to/care for the characters?
What's your thought on the plot line and twists and turns?

There weren't any characters per se, but it was easy to identify with many of the examples that were provided throughout the book.  As I mentioned before each chapter built on the next taking you from individual habits to how you fit into larger movements in society.  Super interesting...and easy to read!

What other books are like this one? If none, did it remind you of a particular TV or movie with it's themes and characters? Does it serendipitous-ly line-up with things going on in your life or the news right now? 

I haven't necessarily read anything quite like this book, but it could likely be lumped into the self help category.  It did line up with life in that it helped to explain why new year's resolutions often get overridden by the habits of our pre-New Year life and why popular TV shows become must see TV or household products can gain worldwide use at the drop of a hat!

You know you judged this book by the cover. What did you think of it? 
How did it relate to the contents of the novel? And the font and layout of the pages? 

The cover wasn't too great, but I did like the bright yellow - definitely grabs your attention.  I supposed the stick figures represent the idea of habits being circular in nature, but it didn't totally connect for me until I saw additional stick figure drawing throughout the book.   

How many out of five do you give this book? Would you recommend this book to a friend?  

I give this book an easy five stars!  It applies to each of us...and the author made the material so easy to move through. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone!

Andrea :)


  1. I have had this one on my to-read list for AGES! Now, with your 5 star review, I'm thinking I'm going to need to get it in my hands asap!

  2. This sounds like a practical books since we all have a few bad habits we need to kick! I think I would be really interested in reading the psychology behind making and keeping good habits, especially with the new year upon us and my goal of running several times a week looming over my head! :)

  3. Okay, I'm thankful you gave this a glowing review! I started to read it when I had it out on loan from our library, but didn't get into it before the book was due back... I LOVE that the little pieces build on one another to make for a greater perspective which emphasizes that our habits (in their smallness) add together to something greater. :)

  4. Oooh, I love 5 star recommendations. :) Definitely adding this to my list!

  5. Found your blog through Amber at Mr. Thomas and Me :) I love finally getting the chance to read a book that's been on my list for so long! Just added this one to my to-read list on Goodreads...thank you for sharing your thoughts-- this sounds like my kinda book!