Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, friends!!  We had a relaxing night of watching movies and some Netflix before we flipped over to watch the ball drop at midnight!  We also managed to run up to the rooftop and catch the fireworks just after midnight - so fun!!  Today, I'm excited to start another year by announcing my 2016 goals!

1 - Read (and listen) to the Bible!  I will get this accomplished in 2016.  It has been on my goal list for FAR too long.  Additionally, I'd like for us to get involved in a Couple's Bible Study.

*I made it to 2 Kings, but that is a far cry from completion. We did find a wonderful Bible Study group that we joined in March. Unfortunately, the group was forced to dissolve in November when half the group relocated. 

2 - Complete all outstanding scrapbooks either by hand or online.  I have SO much scrapbook stuff.  It is imperative that I tackle this project!

*I didn't get nearly as far as I would have liked on this one, but I did manage to create Shutterfly books for both my NYC Marathon adventures. 

3 - Clean out the apartment!  If we haven't used it for a year, we probably won't miss it!  Especially in the clothing department!

*This simply did not happen.

4 - Read (or listen) to 40 books this year!  I plan to complete the ABC Reads Challenge that Mia and I are hosting this year!  We would LOVE to have you join us!  Completing that challenge will put me at 26 books - one beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  I also plan to keep up with the three book clubs that I enjoyed last year.  Ideally, a number of the books will overlap - I'm excited to get started!

*I knocked this one out of the park. It took me literally the entire year, but I completed the ABC Reads Challenge. According to Goodreads, I managed to read a total of 45 books this year. Yay!  

5 - Maintain at least two dedicated date nights per month with Christopher!  Our plan is that we will each plan at least one date night per month!

*Chris and I easily completed this goal. We had a great time, too! :)

6 - Act on what's best for ME!  I spent a majority of this past year reflecting on my interests and searching for my passion.  This year - whether with work, in regard to health & fitness, or with my free time - I want to take action toward a better life for me.

*I'm going to give myself a high five on this one. I made some really tough decisions about halfway through the year, but I know in my heart they were right for me. The future is bright. 

What are your goals for 2016?

Andrea :)

*Edits made on January 1, 2017.

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