Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Between watching the Oscars nominated films, reading books for the ABC Reads Challenge, and cashing in on my Broadway ticket Christmas present, I haven't been around here much in the past couple weeks!  Here a quick recap of the everyday happenings in life while I've been away!

1 - Making A Murderer is a must-see Netflix documentary!  If you aren't sure what I am talking about then you have most assuredly been living under a rock.  The buzz has died down a bit at this point, but I still highly recommend giving it a watch.  A truly fascinating tale of the injustices of our country's justice system - regardless of guilt or innocence.

2 - Chris and I have been loving the theater this month!  We've seen three Broadway shows since Christmas including the highly acclaimed Hamilton - which we LOVED!!!  We have a list of several others to see this winter.  The theater truly is my favorite part of living in New York!

3 - I have been reading like crazy since January 1.  I can't wait to link up with all of my fellow ABC Reads participants on the last day of January.  Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful books you have read so far this year!  For more info on the Challenge, click here!

4 - We also finished the final season of Parenthood on Netflix - cue ALL the tears!!  This series is fantastic!  I love everything about it!!  We even rented the DVDs from the library to check out all the deleted scenes and commentaries.  I think we are both sad to not have the Braverman's on our TV any longer.  What series do you suggest we start next??

5 - The Oscar controversy has me all twisted up inside.  I am a lifelong fan of the Oscars, but I definitely agree that something needs to change.  I haven't seen all the movies (yet) with nominations in the top categories, but I have seen Creed.  And if Sylvester Stallone deserves a nomination for best supporting actor then Michael B. Jordan should hands down have a nomination for best actor.  They were both wonderful in the film.  I'm not sure who in the best actor category he should replace because I haven't seen all the films (yet), but I do know the system is broken.  I am not familiar enough with the system of nominations to claim to have a solution, but I do know that actors (and directors...and writers...and etc.) of all races deserve to have a fair shot at this glorious honor in the acting world.  I am happy to see so many individuals speaking openly about the issue at hand - that is certainly a step in the direction of a proper solution.

6 - I'm making progress on the scrapbook front!  I ordered photos from Shutterfly via a promotion they ran after the holidays and plan to dive back into scrapbooking as soon as I return from Hawaii.  Did I forget to mention that I'll be shipping out to Hawaii for a Pro Bowl work trip in just a few days?  Well, that's also been keeping me busy!  I'll certainly be looking forward to some beautiful sunshine after this massive snowstorm that we are supposed to receive this weekend.  Maybe I'll just stay out there forever...or at least until winter ends!!

What are your Thursday Thoughts??

Andrea :)


  1. I am definitely going watch as much of Making a Murderer as I can this weekend. We are in for a blizzard in VA over the weekend, so plenty of time to Netflix and drink hot cocoa. :)

    Can't wait to see all the books you've been reading and what letters you've completed. :) Hope you have a great trip. Talk to you soooon. xo

  2. We watched the first episode of Making a Murderer, and my husband just wasn't into it. I watched the second episode by myself and told him "I really think you'll like this!" But right now we're watching the Sopranos on Amazon Prime, and I watch the Gilmore Girls when I workout in the basement.

    I'm almost done with book #2 for ABC reads! I feel like I'm slightly behind the curve so far, but it's still early in the year!

  3. Oh, and I love Parenthood, I just can't start the last season yet. Too much emotion in my own life right now. :)