Saturday, June 11, 2016

UAE Healthy Kidney 10k

Don't let the photo fool you, my first 10k of the season didn't go so great. I can't say I was entirely surprised. It was a miserably hot day...and I really wasn't all that prepared. I'm hopeful the one I run today goes a bit better.

I've contemplated putting a hold on running since last fall. I don't have the same enthusiasm that I used to for it. Maybe it is time to focus on some other types of exercise and circle back to it down the line. It's tough though because I do like the aspect of competing with myself to improve...and it's always fun to get a new medal for my collection! I'll hold off on making a firm decision until after the Queens 10k that I am running with Chris next weekend, but I think it's time to make a change! Especially if I continually report 10k finishing times of 1:28:20 - that's 14:13 per mile. Such a disappointment for me.

Andrea :)

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