Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23 is...

my mom's birthday!!!  Even though we didn't technically celebrate when she was recently in New York, thinking about it now, it kind of felt like we did.  Here's a picture of Mom enjoying one of her favorite things in NY - people watching in Times Square.  

Hanging out in Times Square on a recent visit to NYC
I don't like to miss out on the celebration when birthdays in my family roll around so when I can't be there in person (which is pretty much always...unfortunately), I try to have a little treat in their honor.  Today, I got a slice of Monkey Cake (banana cake with pineapples and pecans) from Amy's Bread to celebrate Mom's birthday.  I know if she was in NY that is the one she would have picked as well.  It was delicious!!


I know I don't always tell my mom how much she means to me and how blessed I am to have had her to keep me in line all these years, but I feel very fortunate to have her in my life.  She always asked me to just do the best that I can.  Even though that drove me crazy when I was younger, I know that it is true.  After all, that is all that you can do :)  As I have grown older, I have realized how much energy it takes to care so much about someone as stubborn and opinionated as me and how much sacrifice my mom has made over the years to make sure we had so many wonderful opportunities and experiences.  I am very grateful for these things among many others even if it isn't always perfectly easy to tell.  I hope that I am someday blessed enough to be a mother and have the ability to do the same for my kids.  I'll probably even bust out a few classics like "Never mind, I'll just do it myself!"  HAHA :)   Thanks for being such a wonderful mother.  Hope you enjoy your flowers all week long!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!  I love you!!

Andrea :)

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  1. That is a wonderful tribute to your mom, Andrea! We love her as well.