Friday, April 13, 2012

Race #3

 Name: Scotland Run
Date/Time: Saturday, April 7 at 8am
Location: Central Park
Length: 6.2 miles
Bib Number: 9955
Official Time: 1:19:14
Average Time per Mile: 12:47 

The Scotland Run was challenging, but an overall success.  It also happened to be the day before Easter and my parents were in town for it.  Very exciting stuff!!

Me and my chocolate runner Easter bunny :)
Classic pre-race picture
Due to various issues, I got to the race a little later than usual.  I had very little time to use the restroom and get to my corral before the race started.  I didn't end up making it into my corral so I started near the very back of the pack.  Mom and Dad were near the start and got a couple of great pictures there.

And they're off.....
Just as I began the race...
The race was a full loop in Central Park.  I think I had only ever run that one other time so I wasn't really prepared for what I was about to endure, but I pushed through it anyway.  The race began on the west side of the park so we had several hills at the front of the course.  I'll just say I was pretty exhausted by the time I hit mile 3.  Not good.  I did manage to keep all my miles (except mile 3) under the 13 minute mark which was a success.  Mile 3 was just barely over...maybe 10 seconds.  I was a little disappointed by that, but it made me push harder to make sure my final 3 miles were at a better pace.  The best part of the race was a bagpipe player at every mile marker.  It was such a relief when I could begin to hear the sounds of that bagpipe. I pretty much employed the same strategy I used in Race #2, but this one was a couple miles longer and that ended up making a HUGE difference in how I felt on the course. Mom was able to snap a few pictures as I neared the finish.  I was looking for Mom and Dad, but never did see them.  They saw me though...

My face pretty much sums up how I was feeling after 6.2 miles in the park...
Crossing the finish exhausted!!
Overall, the race was a good one.  I am glad to have another one down, but still have a ways to go to get my pace closer to my goal of 11:30 by the end of the summer.  With some hard work, determination, and will power, I know that I will get there eventually.

Post-race picture...after I finally found Mom and Dad...
Yay for Scotland! :)
I don't run my next one for a couple of weeks.  I will be glad to get a bit of a break.  I will also need to keep focused on my training because it will be a busy, busy, busy few weeks.  Stay tuned...

Andrea :)

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