Thursday, April 5, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me :)

One of the disadvantages of a long distance relationship is (obviously) not being together as much as we would like to be together.  This might help explain why I just got one of my Christmas April :)  The beginning of the year is particularly busy for both Chris and I with playoffs/Super Bowl for me and the budget for him, but we have finally made it past both obstacles that take us to far off places and keep us at work for such late hours and long weekends.  So, we celebrated with my belated Christmas gift - tickets to Rent!

I had been asking for tickets for quite some time so I was very excited when I received the promise of them at Christmas this past year.  I thought the movie was fantastic, but hadn't ever had the opportunity to see it on stage.  This cast was great!  The show is off-broadway now so the theater was small and cozy which made it even more intense.  Some of the actors had phenomenal voices so that was fantastic.  While the story itself is a bit of a downer (if you don't know the story, check out a synopsis), the show was very well performed and exciting.  Lots of high energy dancing and singing!

After the show, we headed to a nearby spot to catch the second half of the NCAA Championship Game between UK and Kansas.  When we arrived, it looked like the Cats were going to crush the Jayhawks, but at the end things tightened up a bit and it wasn't a total runaway.  Even though I am not a hard core UK fan like basically every other Kentuckian I know (expect my friend Maggie), I was happy to see them win.  My little brother goes to UK so I was happy that he got to have the experience of his college team being a National Champion.  I know the feeling from my freshman year at Georgetown when we won the NAIA National Championship in football.  I was actually at that game...such an exciting event!  Anyway, all that to say...Congrats to the Cats on bringing home that 8th title.

Andrea :)

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