Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Competitiveness = Love

Chris and I had never been bowling together until recently.  We are very competitive so we have taken our turn at competing in many various sports.  It all began about three months into our relationship when we were set to make a trip to Pittsburgh for me to meet some of his close college friends.  We were meeting the group at a Dave and Buster's.  Chris and I had discussed for weeks beforehand the terms and conditions for a basketball game we intended to play there.  We both had every intention of holding nothing back for this game.  I am happy to announce that I won...2 out of 3.  I was challenged to best of five at that point, but decided to stop while I was ahead.  Since then we have played mini-golf (twice...I lost both times), a real game of basketball (loser again, but I had just run roughly 3 miles prior to the game so you have to take that into account), tennis (loser by all stretches of the imagination...unfortunately), and another round of best of three at Dave and Buster's in Times Square (victorious...FINALLY!!).  But in all that time, no bowling...which might have been a good thing for me in the end.  Chris not only definitely beat me, but he also did particularly well in our second least until the flashing disco lights came on in the bowling alley around the end of that game.  Here are a few pictures from our fun bowling night with some friends.

I think he got a spare on this bowl actually.
Game 1...Eddie wins, the rest of us are getting warmed up :)
Game 2...Chris destroys us all with his awesome score!
Game 3...Loan brings home a victory for the ladies :)
Group shot at the end of the night :)
On the way home, Chris challenged me to another best of three at Dave and Buster's which is perfect because I'm definitely slated for a victory soon!!

*Side Note: I also learned the game of darts this same weekend.  Chris beat me in all three games we played, but it should be noted that I came just shy of closing in on a win in two of those games AND it was my first time EVER playing.  Just thought I'd throw that in for good measure!!

Andrea :)


  1. For someone that was in a bowling league as a child I am embarrassed by your scores. I guess you didn't have the bumpers this time! But as long as you did your best that is all we can ask. Just to throw this out there. I think I actually beat you both at mini golf!

  2. haha...yeah, I needed the bumpers, didn't I? :) and yes, you did win that round of mini-golf when we all played...double whammy loss for me that day...not good!